Our April Specials are the Berliner Roll and the Lemon Glaze Roll


1. How to store our rolls?


Our cinnamon rolls are best on the day itself! But if you manage to save a few for the next day, please store them outside of the fridge. Wanna keep them for even longer? Put them in a closed box and store them in the freezer! Our Rolls stay fresh for two more days after purchasing them, but obviously they will become a bit dryer on the outside.

2. Which Rolls do we have?


Check our 'Rolls' page here.


3. Can we order a large quantity? And can this be personalized? 


For sure! Please send us a mail to info@havearoll.com with all the information and we will get back to you within 2 business days.


4. Do you do delivery?

We only deliver in Amsterdam centre with Uber Eats. Unfortunately, we cannot delivery to everybody in The Netherlands, although we'd love to! 


5. Can we find a list with all the allergen information about the different rolls? 


All our Rolls contain gluten and coconut oil. The Nut and Pecan Caramel Roll contain nuts. The Breakfast, Dough and Speculaas Roll contain soya. 

Due to the handling of nuts in our bakery, traces of nuts may be present in all of our recipes. For this reason we would advise that nut allergy sufferers do not consume Havearoll products. We use plant based cream cheese for our frosting and this contains coconut oil. For this reason, all our rolls contain 'coconut'. Please ask our staff in store which allergens our Monthly Specials contain!